Shortlisted for LITE-ON Design Award 2005, Taipei.

Exhibited at YODEX EXPO, Taipei.
Exhibited at Taiwan Designers' Week EXPO, Taipei.
Participated Design Bazaar, Taipei.

Shortlisted and exhibited at Orange vous souffle à l'Oreille, Paris.
Exhibited at Unrelated/Related (Collaborator), CSM MACD, London.
Exhibited at Colbert International Design Workshop L’Art de la Séduction, ENSAAMA, Paris.
Featured in A Better Folding Cycle, Yanko Design.
Featured in Intramuros International Design Magazine, France.(PDF)

Exhibited at CSM WORK IN PROGRESS, London.
Exhibited at Future Heritage Exposition #1MAISON & OBJET, Paris.
Featured in Tattoo with a PurposeYanko Design.
Featured in Rémy-Martin séduit les créateursCharente Libre, France.
Exhibited at Future Heritage Exposition #1, Maison Rémy Martin, Cognac, France.
Featured in Arrow, Space Cool Hunting.
Featured in Graphic Paper Weight, Yanko Design.
Featured in Graphic Paper Weight, Journal du Design.
Featured in The Weight Recorder, Notcot.
Featured in The Weight Recorder, Visual Potluck.
Featured in Best Tech 2012: Coolest new gadgets we want this month - 75. October: Union Folding Cycle, T3 Magazine.
Featured in Wunderbar Abstrakter Lebenslauf, Page Online, Germany.
Featured in The Weight Recorder, good2b, Spain.
Featured in Scale, Designlines, Germany.
Featured in Future Heritage, Wallpaper Magazine (May 2012).
Exhibited at VIA présente FRANCE DESIGN - Les talents français du design à Milan, 2012 Salone, Milan. (Magazine PDF)
Featured in The Weight Recorder, Designitecture.
Featured in Gadgets Turn Your Weight Into Wall Art And Your Height Into Song, Co.Design, Fast Company.
Featured in Gadgets Turn Your Height Into Music And Your Weight Into A Drawing, International Design Times.
Featured in The Weight Recorder, Thisispaper.
Featured in Memory Container, Space Cool Hunting.
Featured in Future Heritage, lenversdubar, France.
Featured in Le Cognac inspire les designers, Charente Libre, France.
Featured in Rémy Martin séduit les créateurs, Charente Libre, France.
Featured in cognac-world.com, France.
Featured in L'art de la séduction, Sud Ouest et www.sudouest.fr, France.
Featured in www.thefancy.com
Featured in Huit designers rȇventRémy Martin, Charente Libre, France.
Featured in Héritage Futur, Intramuros Magazine, France.
Featured in Rémy Martin: Futur Héritage, muuuz.com, France.
Featured in Rémy Martin: Futur Héritage, mocoloco.com/mr, France.
Featured in Futur Héritage, DAMn° Magazine.
Featured in Futur Héritage, OVNI, Japan.
Exhibited at Tent London, 2012 London Design Festival, London.
Featured in 20 Best Seller, Case da abitare, Italy.

Futur Heritage Exposition #1 bilan 2012 - revue de presse
Download Futur Heritage Press List - 37 pages pdf

Exhibited at VéloVelo, 2014 Salone, Milan.
Featured in 【ミラノサローネ2014レポ02】温度と風、モレスキンのアイデア
Featured in ULISSE.
Featured in BIKE COUTURE, ordinaryseaman.
Featured in Abitare.
Featured in Clever cycle, Kiki’s Collage.
Featured in Elle Decor Italia.
Featured in Exposition Vélovelo à Milan, Steel Magazine.
Featured in Freunde von Freunden.
Featured in Fuorisalone 2014, ecco dove fare shopping.
Featured in Gallery Vélo & velo, Amica.
Featured in Il Fuorisalone in bicicletta, Living.
Featured in Il soggetto della bicicletta è il tema che è stato proposto sui foulard di seta, Elle Decor Italia.
Featured in In bici al Salone del Mobile e Fuorisalone, Amica.
Featured in In bicicletta al Salone del Mobile 2014, MarieClaire.
Featured in Instagram #lovesdomus - Loves by Domus.
Featured in ioDonna.
Featured in LE FOULARD CREATIF PAR VÉLOVELO, La Niche du Renard.
Featured in Milan 2014 design weeks, modemonline.com.
Featured in Milano Fixed Archive » Vèlo Velo, Casbah.
Featured in Vélo & velo foulard in mostra, Amica.
Featured in vélo velo 8 13 aprile milano, Eventi, FIXEDFORUM.it.
Featured in VéloVelo au Casbah Ciclo Club, Magazine sur la Mobilité.
Featured in VéloVelo, une collection de foulards inspirée par la bicyclette, Actualité Mode.
Featured in Salone del Mobile 2014 preview - Vélo Velo, Wallpaper Magazine.