#02: The Height Recorder

Memory Container
The Synesthetic Recorder of Involuntary Memory

This project seeks to analyse our body as a memory container that contains both physical and emotional experiences. By using two ordinary objects, a scale and a height chart, that translate biological data into a readable language which allows us to recall a particular experience or moment easily. The scale and height charts might remain unnoticed in daily life but nevertheless, when encountered, they offer a significant ‘hint’. In this way, as long as people find interest in the objects, they will be touched and surprised. While people have diverse personal value systems, with this, everyone responds to the hint, not only the one who had the original experience. In summary, the aim of the project is to investigate the relationship between the body, psychology and an object, in terms of memory. Following this, the way memories, objects and human beings influence each other, will be analysed.

A film by Minhan Lin and Weiche Wu. Music by Four Tet - Parks.

#02: The Height Recorder

The Height Recorder uses a common experience, featuring a door frame as a height chart and leaving marks on it to show a kid’s height, to record the specific memory. By using a long wooden stick hanging on the wall, the user can stand against the stick and draw a mark on it every year. Finally when the wooden stick has got lots of marks on it, it can be cut into several pieces, according to the marks, and made into musical scales on a xylophone. Those scales are ordered by year, each scale represents a certain age of the user. Therefore, when a mallet slides from the first scales to the end of xylophone, the music is narrating the user’s specific height changing process.

The intended user of The Height Recorder is a growing kid, who can use it to measure how much he/she has grown every year. The long wooden stick is set up on the wall when the kid uses it for the first time. The bottom of the stick should be aligned with the kid’s height in the beginning, and then start measuring the height by putting marks with a pencil on the stick annually. The distance of each mark will be different, as a child’s growing speed is not constant, as a result, the scales’ length on the xylophone will be produced in a specific order. Furthermore, as every child’s growing pattern is distinct, everyone’s xylophone will be a memento that is unique and represents one’s own childhood memory.