Arrow's main aim is to promote teenager cyclists to use glowing arrow stamps which are invisible in the daytime while glowing at night thus spreading a new trend by peer influence because most teenagers and young adults are very sensitive to trends and peer influence. Broadly speaking, part of teenagers culture and desire could be to get a tattoo in order to looks cool. Even though glowing stamps are not rear tattoo, they could have cool feeling. In addition, when teenagers look at this glowing stamps, they like it and want to get same thing thereby starting a new trend.

Background research
From The Fort Collins Bicycle Accident Summary, 2010, the rate of total accidents has increased from 113 to 151 between 2000 and 2009. Remarkably, 45.1% of accidents was by ages 15 to 24 years old-55 in 2007 up to 76 in 2009. Therefore, our target group could be teenagers and young adults. Furthermore, male cyclists were 295 while female cyclists were 136 in 2007 - 2009. As a result, our product is focusing more on about male side. Particularly, 265 out of 280 total collisions were defined as 'Broadside' It suggests that cyclists may have a lack of attention when signaling or could be unexpectedly turning into side roads.

We are considering making a fashion item in the form of a keychain using 'Arrow' because most young people attach trinkets onto their trouser's belt line and also they will need to use their keychain in order to unlock bike chain. There are various optional fluorescent colours for users including orange, pink, blue.

Designed by Weiche Wu, Kwang Hyun Ahn (MA Communication Design, CSM).