Weiche Wu 巫瑋哲 is a Taiwanese designer. He studied Industrial Design at Chang Gung University in Taiwan and received his MA in Industrial Design from Central St. Martins, London. In addition to product design, Weiche also specialises in graphic design, photography and critical design thinking. His expertise lies in shaping products in a very visual way, which in short means designing with a priority on aesthetics.

In 2011, Weiche worked with the French company, Rémy Martin, to generate a new concept for their heritage Louis XIII brand. The final outcome ’Cérémonie pour un Roi’ and ‘L'essence de Rémy Martin’ have been featured at MAISON & OBJECT in Paris, Salone in Milan, Wallpaper Magazine and in other global media.

Upon graduation from Central St. Martins, he joined Benjamin Hubert’s studio in London and participated in several iconic projects such as ‘Tenda’ lamp and ‘Construction Site’ in 2012 Designjunction.

In 2012, he founded Taipei based Union Atelier. The studio works on varying design commissions and collaborations; and with the deliberate intention to combine international design trends with Taiwanese traditions, the team has created, and consistently applies, their own unique signature design language.


Develop innovative and next generation product concepts for the Lucozade brand.

Operating in a fast-moving consumer goods environment, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) manufactures nutritious drinks across the world under a variety of brands such as Lucozade, Ribena and Horlicks.

The business has set itself the challenge and an inspiring mission: to improve the quality of human life by enabling people to do more, feel better and live longer.  The business will deliver the mission through the development of innovative new products (and medicines) that help millions of people around the world.

GSK has established a new global division, "The Nutritional Healthcare Future Group", based in Brentford in the UK.  This new group has the objective of globalising the Lucozade and Ribena drinks brands.  The aspiration is to double the size of the business by the year 2015. Innovation will be a key driver of this growth.

Concept 1 - Lucozade Hybrid

Due to the GSK company has loads of diverse Lucozade products, the idea is to integrate the different lines of drink become a professional product. There are 5 types of drink, which are Hydration, Fuel, Focus, Recovery and strength. In general, the customers that are not really professional may not be able to tell the difference in those categories; in terms of what do they need in the specific situation. The combination of the products is divided the drink into 3 packs, which are organized into proper volume, and it’s just like a “sport kit” that provide people during the period of workout; meanwhile, the process may not only seems healthy but also specialized.

The bottle is divided into 4 parts: the top of bottle with the cap that can be used in different parts of the bottle for drinking, just connect the part to others; before workout, drink the 1st drinking part contains liquid of “Focus”; during the exercise, the 2nd liquid combines “Hydration” and “Fuel” provide water and energy; after the whole process, the 3rd drink is “Recovery” and promoting “Strength”.

Concept 2 - Lucozade Workout Routes

Originally, the concept is a product that customers can have it in all the time during the work out journey, especially for people who jogging and cycling. However, carrying a bottle is an encumbrance during the journey, no matter how light it is or how shape fitting the human body. As a result, if the sports route is full of points where are selling the Lucozade products can be another potency?

The concept is planing a route for people to follow when they working out, then they can get the product easily and without bringing bottles. Further more, the selling places and categories are organized in the right positions that people needs, for instances, in the first 200 meters, the vending machine sells the hydrant drinks that provide moisture, and in the end of journey, it sells the recovery drinks. Therefore, the all route is not only be set up for a professional workout reference, but also sells the right products for customers.

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