Orange has asked the students of four Art & Design schools to rethink the mobile/earphone interface as a whole, with a single objective: imagine the new gadget that the whole world will want to use with their mobile.

This project will run from October to December 2010 in cooperation with ENSCI (Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle), STRATE COLLEGE DESIGNERS, ECOLE DUPERRE, and MAID (Master Industrial Design) at CENTRAL SAINT MARTINS in London.

The hands-free kit is designed with partially flexible wires, which can be bended and shaped up rapidly. Users can assembly parts of the flexible wires to fit the specific usage. By adjusting and winding the flexible wires around the ears or any part of the head to fix the ear-set that are suitable for particular situations.

For instance, by bending the wires to move the microphone close to the mouth, users would feel at ease during the phone calls; in addition, by winding around the ears, the earphone can be attached well whilst doing exercise as well as the sports headphone.

Furthermore, the headset is wearable such as a necklace; users can assembly parts of wires with different colours or even textures on the surfaces to represent the individual’s style and taste.