Weiche Wu 巫瑋哲 is a Taiwanese designer. He studied Industrial Design at Chang Gung University in Taiwan and received his MA in Industrial Design from Central St. Martins, London. In addition to product design, Weiche also specialises in graphic design, photography and critical design thinking. His expertise lies in shaping products in a very visual way, which in short means designing with a priority on aesthetics.

In 2011, Weiche worked with the French company, Rémy Martin, to generate a new concept for their heritage Louis XIII brand. The final outcome ’Cérémonie pour un Roi’ and ‘L'essence de Rémy Martin’ have been featured at MAISON & OBJECT in Paris, Salone in Milan, Wallpaper Magazine and in other global media.

Upon graduation from Central St. Martins, he joined Benjamin Hubert’s studio in London and participated in several iconic projects such as ‘Tenda’ lamp and ‘Construction Site’ in 2012 Designjunction.

In 2012, he founded Taipei based Union Atelier. The studio works on varying design commissions and collaborations; and with the deliberate intention to combine international design trends with Taiwanese traditions, the team has created, and consistently applies, their own unique signature design language.

The Empathetic Props

Speakers’ corner is just like a compression of the society, which is a small image that indicates the problems or conflicts in the daily life. People who discontent those social issues find a place to give their point of views, through this kind of “activity”, invisible issues can be raised, and this is also a kind of democratic behavior nowadays.

However, is it providing an interaction on equal terms that each person can share opinions (listen and speak) in the speakers’ corner, or just in one way? After the observation in the speakers’ corner in Hyde Park, in terms of speakers and listeners, they were arguing instead of exchanging ideas. Eventually, a conflict situation appears.

Basically, most of the conflicts in the speakers’ corner are focusing on political subjects or social topics. People that against some specific topics go there to demonstrate their faith, which is a one-way effect, they don’t think about the feeling from people who are in the opposite side. If an empathic interaction had been build between them, could it help them start to consider diverse perspectives?

“Find & Replace” and “TV Montage” are the props to create a concrete atmosphere that people in the conflict groups can feel a kind of crashing information, which can provoke people to absorb loads of data from different perspectives. After audiences are bombarded by particular information, they may mix the complex feeling from the crowd, and then the roles may be swapped spontaneously. As a result, the methods are catalyzing empathic experiences in conflict groups.

Find & Replace - Keywords Replacement

Nowadays, people have been bombarded by news from everywhere. For instance, we receive new information by browsing news websites, which is not only collecting several of articles we are interested in, but also upgrading immediately. As a result, we are overloaded by too many data everyday.

The method is simply replacing the keywords in the article by computer program that everyone knows, and then the perspectives of the conflicting groups are swapped. By roles exchanging, empathy sharing happens spontaneously, people start to realize what others feeling.

In this case, the program changed the keywords of nationality in the article. The perspective of British were changed into Indian, then both of them could imagine if they were in the situation that British immigrated to India for jobs, Indian were not able to offer enough legal working opportunities for them, in the other hand, British had no valid visa to work in India. Eventually, is law the last justice?

The Original Text

Border Agency arrest 19 factory workers in Leicester
18 February 2011 Last updated at 13:38

Nineteen illegal workers have been arrested following a UK Border Agency raid on a Leicester clothing manufacturer.

The officers went to House of Creation, on Hildyard Road, on Wednesday to question staff about their right to work in the UK.

Officers discovered 19 staff, all Indian nationals, who did not have permission to work in the UK.
Fourteen have been detained while five were released on immigration bail.

Identity checks

The agency said action was being taken to deport the illegal workers from the UK as soon as possible.
The business was issued with an on-the-spot penalty notice for employing illegal workers and could be fined up to £190,000 for employing the workers.

Phil Dyer, assistant director for the UK Border Agency in the East Midlands, said: "Illegal working adversely affects local communities and denies job opportunities to local people.

"Employers are expected to carry out basic checks on identity documents before recruiting new staff."

TV Montage - News Clashing

Watching television is a directly way for people to receive information, the combination of vision and hearing is always effective, especially for some specific issue that people are interested in. For instance, when the sensitive or political topic is being discussed on the TV programs, it’s not only gathering the people who support the issue, but also who are against it.

The method of switching loads of TV news is to provoke people that are from both supporters and opposers. Through this kind of mixing information in significant cues, understanding the difficulty from other could be seen obviously. Furthermore, the cues also make the comparison between diverse perspectives in the similar situations.

In the news montage that indicates both immigrants and British are considering their own benefits, and the issue of social class is getting worse. By putting those intensive fragments of news alternatively together, a clashing atmosphere can be created, which affects the people from conflict groups to experience the opposite point of view. Finally, question us, is “opposing” the only solution to understand others?

The Videos From

“Attractiveness of UK to illegal / legal immigrants”, BBC News.
“Immigration Report”, BBC News.
“Do immigrants to UK get priority for housing”, BBC News.
“England has fallen to Islam”, BBC News.
“Exclusive Bogus Marriage Operation Uncovered”, Sky News.
“Muslim Immigration into Europe – Discussion”, BBC News.
“UK Blocks Asian and African migration”, BBC News.
“UK Immigration”, BBC News.
“UK panel backs cap on non-EU immigrants”, BBC News.

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