Weiche Wu 巫瑋哲 is a Taiwanese designer. He studied Industrial Design at Chang Gung University in Taiwan and received his MA in Industrial Design from Central St. Martins, London. In addition to product design, Weiche also specialises in graphic design, photography and critical design thinking. His expertise lies in shaping products in a very visual way, which in short means designing with a priority on aesthetics.

In 2011, Weiche worked with the French company, Rémy Martin, to generate a new concept for their heritage Louis XIII brand. The final outcome ’Cérémonie pour un Roi’ and ‘L'essence de Rémy Martin’ have been featured at MAISON & OBJECT in Paris, Salone in Milan, Wallpaper Magazine and in other global media.

Upon graduation from Central St. Martins, he joined Benjamin Hubert’s studio in London and participated in several iconic projects such as ‘Tenda’ lamp and ‘Construction Site’ in 2012 Designjunction.

In 2012, he founded Taipei based Union Atelier. The studio works on varying design commissions and collaborations; and with the deliberate intention to combine international design trends with Taiwanese traditions, the team has created, and consistently applies, their own unique signature design language.

Down to Earth

What will happen in a future when growing your own becomes a necessity and not a luxury?
Our project looks at the future from a personal perspective; elimination of exotic fruits; substitution of the office with the field; subsistence farming and the emergence of a barting economy.
The project also investigates the bigger picture. What are the social and political effects of a subsistence existence? The impact on the propertyless proletariat and the emergence of a new class of landlords.
Does this mean a return to serfdom and a feudal society?

Presented by David Ross, Fernanda Costa, Leander Angerer, Mai Hirooka & Weiche Wu.

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