Nowadays, the issue of global warming becomes more serious, the urban commuter will go work by bike with MRT or bus more often. "UNION" is a brand-new design of an 8-inch folding bicycle. We hide all the engineering constructions inside, that will be useful when you folding up and dragging “UNION” to enter the MRT or bus. In addition, our design to combine the stem with the headlight and the saddle with taillight that will let nighttime cycling become safer.

Design Issue
1. Most folding bicycles has distorting problems while riding, so the framework of the bike must be integrated.
2. After folding the bike, we “pull” or “drag” the bike instead of hand-carry it.
3. Easy to carry on to the public transportation after folding.
4. The process of folding should be easy and quick.
5. The brake light and reflect light have reached the standard of safety.

At present, MRT regulate that passengers who want to take bike with them should put their bike into the “bike bag”, because the sharpness of component of bike might hurt people. Owing to solve the problem, UNION puts on two side boards, not only to make the bike look good but also save the strength to put the bike into the bag while protect other passers.