Design with Alma
This product is an entertaining equipment in the water for who has poliomyelitis. Most of poliomyelitis people are legs paralysis. They can’t put forth their legs’ strength as easy as others; they can’t use their legs flutter kick like others do. Therefore, the using way of this entertaining equipment is a little bit like the way using kickboard. Put the equipment onto your abdomen, then using the handles at the left and right sides of the equipment to push forward the component below which similar flippers. Followed by, you can go forward in the water with this kickboard-liked equipment, furthermore, quick as surfing surfboard! In addition to give poliomyelitis people an aquatic activity; get rehabilitation effect by this aquatic activity; slow down the symptom of post polio syndrome. Also supply others a new kind of aquatic activity.

Design Features
1. Easier way to control.
2. Effort-saving using manner.
3. Combine a new using way, and shrink the original size of surfboard for easy carry. Moreover let user on and off this equipment easier.
4. Make poliomyelitis people do rehabilitation exercise and get the benefit from rehabilitation exercise in the water.
5. Fit in with all type of build.